Are Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries Gluten Free?

Navigating the world of gluten-free snacking can feel like a daunting quest, especially for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. In a sea of tempting treats, it’s all too easy to find yourself cast adrift, longing for a satisfying indulgence that doesn’t compromise your dietary needs. Enter Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries a tantalizing contender that has set taste buds ablaze with its irresistible fusion of crispy potato perfection and a decadent, velvety cheese coating. As this snack sensation continues to captivate palates across the nation, one burning question lingers: can those eschewing gluten finally savor this mouthwatering delight without trepidation?

The Ingredients Breakdown

We must closely check the ingredients list to determine whether Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries are gluten-free. According to the manufacturer’s website, the fries are made from the following ingredients:

  • Potatoes
  • Vegetable oil (contains one or more of the following: canola, sunflower, corn, or soybean oil)
  • Cheddar cheese seasoning (whey, cheddar cheese [milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes], maltodextrin, salt, butter [cream, salt], natural flavors, lactic acid, citric acid, annatto [color])

At first glance, the ingredients list appears to be free of any obvious gluten-containing components. However, it’s essential to delve deeper and scrutinize each ingredient for potential hidden sources of gluten.

Are Andy Capp's Cheddar Fries Gluten Free?

Cheddar Cheese Seasoning: The Key to Unlocking the Mystery

The cheddar cheese seasoning is where things can get a little tricky. While most of the components within the seasoning, such as whey, cheddar cheese, salt, butter, natural flavors, lactic acid, citric acid, and annatto, are gluten-free, there’s one ingredient that raises a red flag: maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin: Friend or Foe?

Maltodextrin is a versatile food additive derived from starch, typically from corn, rice, or potatoes. It’s commonly used as a thickener, filler, or preservative in various food products. While maltodextrin itself is gluten-free, the concern lies in the source of the starch used in its production.

If the maltodextrin is derived from wheat or other gluten-containing grains, it could potentially contain trace amounts of gluten. However, if the maltodextrin is derived from corn, rice, or potatoes, it would be considered gluten-free.

The Verdict: Are Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries Gluten-Free?

After thoroughly investigating the ingredients list and the potential sources of gluten, the answer is: Yes, Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries are generally considered gluten-free.

The critical factor here is the source of the maltodextrin used in the cheddar cheese seasoning. While the manufacturer doesn’t explicitly state the source, it’s highly unlikely that they would use wheat-derived maltodextrin in a product marketed as a gluten-free snack.

Moreover, many reputable gluten-free certification organizations, such as the Celiac Sprue Association and the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, have approved Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries as a gluten-free product.

Precautions and Tips

While the evidence strongly suggests that Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries are safe for those following a gluten-free diet, it’s always advisable to exercise caution and vigilance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Check for Gluten-Free Certification: Look for the gluten-free certification logos or statements on the packaging, which can provide an extra layer of assurance.
  2. Avoid Cross-Contamination: Be mindful of potential cross-contamination during the manufacturing process or when handling the fries. It’s best to consume them directly from the package or prepare them in a dedicated gluten-free environment.
  3. Monitor Your Reactions: Everyone’s sensitivity to gluten can vary. If you experience any adverse reactions after consuming Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries, it’s best to consult with your healthcare provider or a certified nutritionist.
  4. Stay Informed: Always double-check the ingredients list and contact the manufacturer if you have any concerns or questions about the product’s gluten-free status.


For gluten-intolerant individuals craving a satisfying and flavorful snack, Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries can be a safe and delicious option. While the presence of maltodextrin initially raised concerns, the overall evidence suggests that these fries are likely free from gluten contamination. However, it’s always important to exercise caution, read labels carefully, and consult with healthcare professionals if you have any doubts or concerns.

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