Dr. Vikki Petersen, a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, is founder of Root Cause Medical Clinic in Saratoga, California and Clearwater, Florida.

She is co-author of “The Gluten Effect,” a bestselling book that has been celebrated by leading experts as an epic leap forward in gluten sensitivity diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Vikki herself is acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of gluten sensitivity. Featured in an exclusive interview on CNN Headline News and KRON 4 TV, Dr. Vikki was endorsed by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness & The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America for her contributions to gluten awareness in our country.

Hawthorn University created a course entitled “Understanding Gluten Intolerance and Preventing Celiac Disease” based on Dr. Petersen’s book, “The Gluten Effect”.

One of Dr. Vikki’s driving purposes is to provide education and increase awareness in the field of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Too often, patients continue to suffer because they remain undiagnosed or secondary conditions are not addressed. To this end, Dr. Petersen collaborated with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness in creating a survey which was distributed throughout the United States to gain a greater understanding into the adverse secondary effects being experienced by those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

Her clinic uses a multi-disciplined approach to address complex health problems. It combines the best of internal medicine, clinical nutrition, chiropractic and physical therapy to identify the root cause of a patient’s health condition and provide patient-specific wellness solutions.

Dr. Vikki is passionate about community education and donates much of her time to raising health awareness. As a national lecturer and international radio personality, she makes national radio appearances and headlines weekly speaking events for Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies, covering topics such as gluten sensitivity, stress and fatigue, anti-aging and weight loss. She is a featured speaker at the annual Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac Forum held in northern California.

In 2012, Dr. Petersen was nominated “Gluten Free Doctor of the Year.”

She has been interviewed by “Better Homes & Gardens”, “The Daily Mail” (national newspaper of Canada) and published in the scientific journal “The Swedish Journal on Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine”.

Also a featured writer, Dr. Petersen has contributed articles to many magazines and websites including MD News, Gluten Free Living, Eucalyptus Magazine, Gluten Intolerance Group, Celiac Sprue Association, Celiac.com, Celiac Central and To Your Health. She also authors two gluten free blogs.

Dr. Petersen has been a headlined speaker to clinicians from around the world at an international clinical nutrition conference. Her work in the field of gluten sensitivity as it relates to other health conditions is the focus of her presentations.

Dr. Petersen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College and a Doctorate from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Dr. Petersen has received Certified Clinical Nutritionist certification from the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists. In practice for over 20 years, she remains on the forefront of advances in the field of gluten intolerance as well as a wide spectrum of health issues.

Prior to her career in the healing arts, she was a world-class figure skater, awarded a gold medal ranking in figures from the United States Figure Skating Association. Arising at 4:30 am every morning from age 8 to 16 gave her a discipline that has served her well in her clinical career.

Dr. Vikki enjoys working with her husband (and co-founder) on a daily basis and is the proud mother of three adult children.

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